Regional Ambassadors

Inclusive Church has a network of Regional Ambassadors around the country. These ambassadors act as a point of contact between a region/diocese and Inclusive Church. An ambassador is the eyes, ears and voice of Inclusive Church in a particular diocese or region. We only currently have ambassadors in England, but we are keen to have them around the rest of the UK too, so please pop us an email if you are anywhere in the UK and want to support Inclusive Church in your region.

Please get in touch if you would like to be an ambassador for a region which does not currently have one or which only has one or two (you can work together). If your region has ambassadors already, why not get in touch with them using the email addresses below? If an email address doesn't work, please let the National Coordinator know:

Some of the roles of an ambassador include:

  • Building relationships with existing Inclusive Churches within the diocese or region.
  • Building relationships on behalf of Inclusive Church with appropriate diocesan/regional structures and personnel
  • Considering ways in which Inclusive Church might have a presence at scheduled Diocesan / Regional events (e.g. training events or conferences etc) and/or working to create an Inclusive Church event in your locality
  • Building relationships with local media to represent Inclusive Church 

More details about the role of an ambassador are available here. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for Inclusive Church in your area – get in touch with the National Coordinator on 07935 374877 or

The below details are grouped for convenience by region/dioceses. 

Details of Regional Ambassadors

Region / Diocese     Ambassador Contact Info
Birmingham     David Butterworth
      Ruth Yorke
Bristol     John Gambling
Coventry     Dwayne Engh
Derbyshire     Julian Hollywell
      Mark Broomhead
      Stephen Monk
Devon (Plymouth)     Rob Ponsford
Devon     Glen Graham
Durham     Kathryn Thubron
Essex     Jane Anderson
Gloucestershire     Simon Culley
Hampshire     Gwilym Stone
Herefordshire     Peter Dyke
      Kirsty Clarke
Kent (East)     Peter Toon
      Pru Dulley
      Mark Grainger
Kent (West)     David Williams
Lancashire (Blackburn)     Chris Newlands
Lancashire (Oldham)     David Austin
Leicestershire     Ann Reddecliffe
Lichfield     David Babbington
Lincolnshire     Adam Kelk
Liverpool     Warren Hartley
London (North)     Susanne Griffin
      Annabel Bowyer
London (South)     Matthew Hall
      Rosalind Hunt
London (East)     Mark Kenny
Manchester     Nick Campbell
Manchester (Salford)     Alison Taylor-Farrell
Newcastle     Nathanael Hayler
Somerset     Philip Hawthorn
      Julie Birkett
      Simon Bale
      Erika Baker
Stirling     Jo Mulliner
Suffolk      Edward Rennard
Surrey     Stella Wiseman
Wales (North)     Andrew Sully
Wiltshire/Salisbury area     Louise Stewart
Worcestershire     Wyn Beynon
Yorkshire (Hull)     Anne Dannerolle
Yorkshire (Leeds)     Jonathan Pritchard
      Jan Kramer